When will the Youth Congress be held?

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When will the youth congress be held?

When will the Youth Congress be held?

Answer :


The First Youth Congress was held April 30-May 2, 1926.

The Second Youth Congress was held on 27-28 October 1928.

Detailed discussion of the implementation of the Youth Congress

The First and Second Youth Congresses were influenced by the 1925 Manifesto which was declared by the Indonesian Union.

The First Youth Congress was held in Jakarta. At the First Youth Congress, no decisions were taken that would bring about the unity of all youth. And so, the First Youth Congress discussed preparations for the Second Youth Congress.

The Second Youth Congress was centered in the Indonesian Club building on Jl. Kramat Raya 106, Jakarta. On October 28, 1928, the Second Youth Congress adopted the following decision.

  1. Received the song "Indonesia Raya" composed by WR Supratman as the Song Nationality Indonesia.
  2. Accept “Red and White” as Indonesian Flag.
  3. All youth organizations were merged into one under the name Young Indonesia (with a national character in a broad sense).
  4. He pledged the "Youth Pledge" by all the youth representatives present.

The three points of the Indonesian youth agreement as a result of the Second Youth Congress (one homeland, one nation and one language) were initiated by Muhammad Yamin who is a representative from Young Sumatra.


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