What is the Relationship between Unity and Diversity

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What is the relationship between unity and diversity 

What is the relationship between unity and diversity 


Answer :

The relationship of unity and diversity is a causal relationship. Where there is diversity, there is the potential to build unity. Because differences in religion, race, ethnicity and language make us unite.

Let's discuss together the answer to the question What is the relationship between unity and diversity 

The discussion of unity and diversity is an important topic in discussing material about how to live together. The reason is because in a country like Indonesia there are various backgrounds such as religion, education, ethnicity and economic level. This makes Indonesia a country with a fairly diverse population. Every citizen has its own diversity and uniqueness. And Indonesia can be independent because of unity. Here we will discuss this relationship. 

The relationship between unity and diversity can be explained in the following points:

  • The literal meaning of unity. Unity is formed because of different backgrounds and the intention to have something in common. This means that unity can emerge as a result of diversity. If every human being has the same background then there is no such thing as unity. 
  • Diversity is directly proportional to the level of tolerance. The higher the diversity, the higher the level of tolerance and efforts to unite. Because diversity is a social condition in society where there are differences due to ethnicity, religion and race. Indonesia has so much diversity due to demographic, geographic and historical conditions.
  • Unity is directly proportional to the commitment to make it happen. The next question is how to maintain the commitment to unity? Commitment to maintaining this unity depends on how far we want to progress as a nation. If the goal is good, it needs a shared commitment. 


Why is unity so important for the Indonesian nation? 

The diversity referred to by these differences can mean that the potential for conflict to arise is quite large. This can be seen from how long Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch, Portuguese and British because they tried to divide the Indonesian nation based on the diversity that existed at that time. The politics of division is called divide et impera. Currently, many parties are trying to divide the Indonesian people because of the diversity that exists. Such as religious, ethnic, language and economic diversity. If we see it as a great nation, we must not be easily provoked into divisions. Apart from being ancient because of unity, our nation can also be independent. 

Then what is the relationship between unity and religion? Religion is part of diversity. Indonesia has at least 6 to 7 major religions, including Confucianism and religious beliefs. One of the questions about unity and diversity is what will happen if there is no unity, then what will happen to Indonesia. So we can also say that if we are united then we have unity in diversity.



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