Taharah Teaches Us To Always Live

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Taharah Teaches Us To Always Live

Taharah teaches us to always live

a. simple
b. peace
c. clean
d. calm down

Taharah teaches us to always live (C) Clean.

Reason : Because, taharah means removing hadas, impurity, and dirt (from the body, which causes it to be invalid worship others) using clean water or soil.


Detailed Discussion of Taharah


Tahara is an act of purification that covers the body, clothing, and places of worship from unclean and hadas so as to fulfill the legal requirements of worship.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), taharah is sacred; Chastity or chastity of the body is mandatory for the congregation.

Taharah is a word that is absorbed from Arabic, namely Taharah which means clean or holy. In language, Taharah means an-Nadafatu which can be understood as clean or holy.

Tahara contains two important meanings, namely the purity of unclean and hadas. Cleanliness from unclean includes several aspects, namely the body, clothing, places of worship, and the environment. When performing self-purification, the meditator must pay attention to the correct and appropriate method of purification according to the degree of defilement, namely heavy, moderate and light pollution.


Question Details

Class : VII

Lessons: Islamic Religious Education and Character

Category : Chapter 6 – Wudu\, Tayammum, and Bathing Waji


Keywords : Tayammum, Big Bath, Taharah,




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