Why Society Always Experiencing Socio-Cultural Changes

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Why Society Always Experiencing Socio-Cultural Changes

Why Society Always Experiencing Socio-Cultural Changes

Answer of Question : Society Always Experiencing Socio-Cultural Changes because to adapt to the times and to produce innovative mindsets and to obtain a more dignified social life.

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Social transformation is a change in order or social life that occurs due to influences both from within and from outside the social environment.

Factors of Socio-cultural change is important to adapt in modern era and sophisticated and to develop life to be more advanced and successful. Socio-cultural change contains various important elements that must exist in it, including values, norms, technology and social interactions. Everything must be balanced to create a harmonious and balanced life without chaos.

There are 2 factors of social change, namely the driving factors and inhibiting factors.

Driving factors:

  1. diverse society
  2. thinking forward and forward
  3. tolerance for new actions

Barrier Factor:

  1. retention task
  2. society is traditional
  3. there is a prejudice against novelty

Detailed Answers to Socio-Cultural Changes in Society

Class: 9th Middle School

Maple: IPS

Chapter: Chapter 5 – Social Change

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