Explain the Definition of Sovereignty

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Explain the Definition of Sovereignty

Explain the Definition of Sovereignty

Teresa is the highest authority in a region by the local regional state government. With duality, the government has full control over all affairs within its administrative area.

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Every country has full sovereignty over its territory. In a modern state, sovereignty is in the hands of the people. The people give sovereignty to state leader to set the area. Therefore, the government or head of state must carry out all national and state activities based on the people, by the people, and for the people. Sovereignty consists of two forms, namely internal sovereignty and external sovereignty. Here's the explanation.

  1. Inner sovereignty. Internal sovereignty is the state or government of a country that has the right to regulate all the interests of its citizens and all resources in its administrative area.
  2. Sovereignty outside. Sovereignty outside is the state or government of a country that has independent powers and is not subject to other powers. In addition, the state or government also has full power to cooperate with country others or join international organizations.

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Chapter: Chapter 5 – People's Sovereignty in the Indonesian Government System

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