Explain the Benefits of Trusting

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Explain the Benefits of Trusting

Explain the Benefits of Trusting

TAWAKKAL is the attitude of surrendering to anything that is decided by Allah SWT. Surrender in this case is to believe that whatever happens to us is the best according to Allah.

Detailed discussion of the benefits of trusting

Tawakkal means optimistic behavior because it must be in line with efforts and prayers. It is only said to be tawakkal if someone has tried their best, prayed to Allah and the rest left all decisions to Allah SWT.

There are many benefits of this origin of trust, including the following:

  • get peace of mind so that you remain strong and calm in accepting success as well as failure.
  • Train yourself to be patient and not push yourself.
  • make yourself to fully depend only on Allah SWT.
  • Gaining courage and a sense of optimism because using trust, even if one fails, one will always have a positive view of God's decision.
  • Tawakkal is very useful in getting closer to Allah SWT. Tawakkal increases faith and is worth worship before Allah.

and so on.

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Class : 2 Middle School

Subject : Islamic Religious Education

Chapter: Zuhud & Tawakkal

Keywords: Calmness, Benefits of relying on trust, benefits of trust


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