Mention the Properties Used in the Serimpi Dance

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Mention the Properties Used in the Serimpi Dance

Mention the Properties Used in the Serimpi Dance



Properties that are usually used in the Serimpi dance are as follows:

  1. Gun
  2. Kris
  3. Mecca
  4. Setgen belt
  5. Spear
  6. Arrow
  7. Chopsticks
  8. Fingerprint machete motif
  9. Setgen belt
  10. Mecca
  11. Diadem
  12. Chopsticks

Discussion Properties Used in Serimpi Dance

History of the Serimpi dance

Serimpi Dance is one of the traditional Indonesian dances which is a legacy of the Mataram Kingdom. This dance is a sacred dance at the Yogyakarta regional palace.

Serimpi dance is generally danced by four dancers and each of these four dancers acts as a symbol of human life, namely water (toya), embers (grama), air (wind), and land (earth). the word "serimp" itself has something to do with the meaning of "dream" or "dream". when watching the Serimpi dance, the audience is carried away by the strains of music and the soft motility of the dancers so that it is as if they are being carried into a world of dreams.

because of its sacred nature, this dance can only be performed in the palace environment. usually, the Serimpi dance is performed to commemorate the sultan's ascension to the throne or to entertain dignified guests who come to the palace.

Initially, this dance could only be danced from the royal family, but over time, the Serimpi dance has various types.

The different dance styles were influenced by the Giyanti agreement between the VOC and Sunan Pakubuwana III in 1755 so that the Mataram kingdom was split into two parts, the Yogyakarta Sultanate and Surakarta Kesunanam. As a result of the origin of this royal split, it also resulted in the Serimpi dance movement experiencing disparities, although in essence their dance is still the same, namely modesty and gentleness.

Accompaniment and Movement

In the Serimpi dance performance, dancers use grace to dance very slowly to the accompaniment of a special Javanese gamelan. The movements that dominate the Serimpi dance are the movements of the hands, feet and head. The dancers dance with gentle movements by playing with the scarf tied around their waist.


At first, the costume worn was a typical Yogyakarta bride's clothing, but now the clothes worn are brightly colored sleeveless dresses and jarik cloth (patterned batik cloth).

On the head of the dancer there is a bun of hair decorated with flowers and a headdress of cassowary feathers. The dancers are also decorated using several accessories such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. not only that, the shawl is also a property in this dance. The scarf tied at the waist usually serves as a support for the keris which is tucked in the front cross to the left, as well as the keris. The dancers make up with typical Javanese make-up.




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