Examples of Poetry for Teachers

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Examples of Poetry for Teachers

Examples of Poetry for Teachers

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my teacher

Thank you for teaching science

Your patience is limitless

Never get tired of dealing with your students

Educate with sincerity

Thank you for your services will always be in my heart

Detailed discussion of examples of poetry for teachers

Poetry, which is commonly called rhyme, is a literary genre whose language is bound by rhythm, play and rhyme and consists of lines and stanzas. Literary poetry will contain expressions of feelings or experiences or impressions of the author and then written in beautiful and beautiful language so that it is pleasant to hear and read.

Many of them are familiar with Indonesian poets, including names like Chairil Anwar, WS Rendra, Sapardi Djoko Damono or Taufik Ismail. They are all poets who are the pride of this country and are famous for their poetry.

Poetry content:

  • Humanism is universal or easily receptive to influences from around the world.
  • Realistic and influenced by natural factors.
  • There is a word thrifty.
  • By using a visual comparison, we can clearly see the parts behind the reality of the poem.
  • Poetry is made to express ridicule and irony about the inequality of society due to upheaval.
  • Use words that are used in everyday conversation.
  • If you don't like typography, you don't pay attention to sound and rhyme in lines and stanzas.
  • The main elements in a poem that must always be considered in modern poetry reading are pronunciation, intonation, and expression.

The formal structure of the poem:

  • Dictionary – word choice.
  • Pictures – words.
  • Pictogram – the language used by the author of the poem.
  • Rhyme – word agreement or repetition of sounds.
  • Rhythm – related to rhymes, sounds, words, phrases and sentences in poetry.
  • Typography – the poem is in stanza and begins on the left and ends on the right of the line.

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Class : VIII

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