5 Examples of Interpersonal Interaction

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5 examples of interpersonal interactions

5 examples of interactions between individuals

actual interaction we often do everyday even though we rarely realize it. I give 5 examples of individual interactions, namely: Chatting with friends, Group discussions, Shaking or shaking hands, Buying and selling activities, The teacher explains with his students,

Detailed Discussion Regarding 5 examples of interactions between individuals

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1. Buying and selling activities mean an individual relationship with an individual that is carried out during buying and selling activities carried out by the seller and the buyer.

2. Chatting with friends is also an individual-to-individual relationship, direct communication, including social relationships, where there are goals to be achieved.

three. the teacher mentions the material to his students which means one of the models connection between individuals and groups that occur because of personal communication carried out by the teacher and his students. It has a goal so that students can receive the material intended by the teacher

4. Group discussions are interactions between groups. This was done because there was a discussion between group A and group B on discussing social relations

5. Shaking hands or shaking hands is a social relationship between individuals and individuals that is carried out privately and also with physical contact between individuals.

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7th grade

Subject: social science

Chapter: dynamics of human interaction

Keywords: interaction between individual and individual, individual interaction with group, group interaction with the group

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