6 Short Story Text Structure

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6 Short Story Text Structure

6 Short Story Text Structure

Short story structure is evolution short story and the various stages that make up the story. The short story structure is essentially a form of formation story which will be told in a short story. While the structure of the short story includes:

  1. Orientation
  2. symptom
  3. conflict performance
  4. peak conflict
  5. Complete
  6. Coda (conclusion/clarification of story interpretation)
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Detailed Discussion of Short Story Text Structure

Short story is a genre of prose which is fiction and contains contradictions in the plot. Unlike short stories and novels, short stories lack content.

Generally, short stories consist of 1,600-10,000 words. Due to these limitations, short stories are centered on the plot or plot, the main character and if necessary a number of supporting characters to solve the problem concisely and effectively.

Strictly speaking, there is no absolute short story structure. In fact, if possible, I can only remove part of the structure. Writing short stories is a creative process without certain limitations. This structural division is only a formal classification that is useful for short story analysis, both for the needs of the short story creation process and for the needs of textual research.

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