Write Some Forms of Indonesian Regional Culture

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Write Some Forms of Indonesian Regional Culture

Write some forms of Indonesian regional culture

Forms of Indonesian regional culture are traditional clothes, traditional houses, regional weapons, regional music

Discussion of Indonesian Regional Cultural Forms

Local culture is a culture originating from the territory of Indonesia. Indonesian culture is very diverse and different. Indonesia has many regions, so there are many Indonesian cultures. Indonesian culture is currently starting to decline. This is because many people do not want to maintain the surrounding culture. This culture is inherited from the ancestors.

Endangered cultures are included in local cultural conservation. This is to maintain and preserve the culture. The culture that is often abandoned by the community is traditional houses, regional weapons, and traditional clothes. This is because now this culture is no longer used. Many people build houses with strange shapes and do not conform to home standards.

Types of cultural forms

  • house, namely houses that come from local customs. Each area has a different house shape, but has its own meaning. Traditional houses in each region also have different materials. Examples of traditional villages are Yoko, Limassol, Hanoi, etc
  • local language, namely the language of each region. Each region has a different way of speaking. Examples of weapons in Javanese, Minang, Betawi, etc
  • regional weaponswhich is a weapon that each has area. Each region has a different type of weapon in its territory and also has damaged equipment. For example: needles, kris, arrows, etc.
  • Regional Clothing, namely clothing owned by each region. Each region has a different regional clothing style and also has different materials. Examples of ule balang, ulos, sorjan, etc

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