How to prevent blackouts

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How to prevent blackouts

How to prevent blackouts


How to prevent power outages or blackouts:

  1. Make sure the circuit is closed and there are no broken wires
  2. Use backup electrical energy sources such as generators
  3. Use fuse to prevent short circuit

Discussion about Preventing Power Outages or Blackouts

Dynamic electricity is the movement of electric charge between the positive pole (cathode) and negative pole (anode) ), which is an electric current.

Electrical energy arises as a result of an electric current (in units of Ampere A) that flows due to a potential difference or electric voltage (in units of volts V). Electrical energy is produced from changes in other energy, such as chemical energy or kinetic energy (energy of motion) by a power plant.  

In electronic devices, this electrical energy is converted into other forms of energy, including light energy on electric light. An electric lamp produces light through an electric filament in the center, which glows when an electric current is applied

can light up if there is closed circuit that connects an energy source (such as a battery or PLN electricity) to the lamp. At home we need to make sure there are no disconnected electrical circuit wires.

To prevent interference, the circuit can be arranged in parallel with several power sources, for example at household which uses a backup generator power source other than electricity PLN.

Electricity can be cut off due to a short circuit (short circuit). Therefore, fuse to prevent short circuit and keep the light on.


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