Result of 10 to the min 2

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Since what we are discussing is an exponent number, let's talk about it first. A number to a power is a number that is used as a simplified form of a number where the numbers have the same multiplier.

Result of 10 to the min 2


Result of 10 to the min 2

Before we answer this question, we must know formula this is a² . a³ = a²⁺³ = a⁵. If you already know, it will be easy to answer.

the result of the question is 1/100In this problem, we will learn about numbers with powers of

Some examples of the properties of exponents:

a² . a³ = a²⁺³ = a⁵

(a³)⁴ = a³ˣ⁴ = a¹²

a⁻³ = \\frac{1}{a^3}

\\frac{a^5}{a^2} = a⁵⁻² = a³

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Is known :

10⁻² =


The result of 10⁻² = ?

Answer Details : 10⁻²

Since the exponent is negative, we use the number property

a⁻³ = \\frac{1}{a^3}

So we can work on the problem as:

10⁻² =

\\frac{1}{10^2} =


So the value of 10⁻² = \\frac{1}{100}

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