In brisk walking, the foot position must be

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In brisk walking, the foot position must be

In brisk walking, the position of the feet must be….

a. both feet are always in contact with the ground
b. both feet can fly
c. one foot always in contact with the ground
d. no conditions

Question Answer

Basically brisk walking is the same as regular walking. But the difference is when walking fast, the position of one foot must always be connected to the ground (C). So if the right foot is walking, the left foot still needs to touch the ground before the right foot hits the ground and vice versa.

Discussion foot position during brisk walking

The fast way is sport. Brisk walking is the movement of walking forward at a certain high speed and using certain movement techniques. The basic principle of brisk walking is that the soles of the feet should touch the ground when walking.

Brisk walking can be done on a predetermined track or in an open area such as a highway. Two numbers are competed on the speedway: the men's number and the women's number. The distance covered for the men's number is 20 to 50 km. As for the number of women, the distance covered is 10 to 20 km.

There are some basic techniques that players must master in running fast. The main techniques of brisk walking are:

  1. Start
  2. Body Positioning Techniques
  3. Walking Technique
  4. swing arm
  5. enter


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