Functions of facts in news

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Functions of facts in news 

Functions of facts in news 

A. To confirm the truth of the information in the news

B. To show the performance of the journalist news maker

C. To influence readers to believe in the content of the news

D. To strengthen the documentation contained in give​


Answer The general function of words in news is A. To strengthen the truth of the information in the news. Choice A is the correct choice because the facts contain honesty to strengthen the truth of a thing information so choices other than a are wrong.

Discussion The function of facts in a news

fact is one of the important components in the news because the presence of real and honest facts will make the news reliable, accurate and useful as information for the community. Here are some characteristic facts:

  1. One thing is true. Fact is something that is real, honest and has a source of information that a news must contain real things so as not to cause fake news that harms many people.
  2. Derived from events that are actually happening around us. Facts usually occur from an event that occurs so that it can be considered real, namely from the importance of news that contains real elements.
  3. Adjusts the time when the event occurs. When the event was witnessed as it happened, many news sources cite the time of the event.


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