1 Golden Mayam How Many Grams

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1 Golden Mayam How Many Grams

1 Golden Mayam How Many Grams

1 golden mayam is equivalent to 3.3 grams.

Discussion One Mayam Gold How Many GramsThe meaning of mayam is a special measure of gold according to the people of Aceh. Mayam itself is also a symbol Acehnese people to be able to be a dowry requirement that must be fulfilled by the groom to the bride.

Body it is generally a symbol of honor for the honor and dignity of the family. The higher the degree of the bride, the higher the mayam given by the groom.

Compared to the current gram of gold, one mayam is equal to 3.33 grams of gold. So if one gram of gold costs around Rp. 500,000, then one mayam is valued at Rp. 1,600,000.

The dose of mayam itself has followed the development of this gold price, so if the price of gold per gram goes up, the dose can certainly go up too.

This corpse has become a symbol, if a man really loves a woman, then he will definitely accept the corpse that has been given.

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