The Fruit of Faith in the Apostle Is

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The Fruit of Faith in the Apostle Is

The fruit of faith in the apostle is

Fruit faith to the apostle is to make the Apostle a role model in morality, try all the traces of the Prophet, revive and emulate the Sunnah of the Apostle.

Meaning of faith in Allah's messenger is to believe that Allah's Apostle is a human being who was sent and assigned by Allah SWT to receive revelations and then convey these revelations to his people so that they can be used as a guide for life.

Faith in Allah's Messenger is the fourth pillar of faith, after faith in Allah, Angel and then the Books.

the number of apostles is around 313 people but what we must know is that there are 25 prophets and apostles.

Detailed Discussion The fruit of faith in the apostles

the purpose of faith in the prophets and apostles is to believe in the existence of prophets and messengers, to believe that the treatises they bring are from Allah, to carry out all the treatises they carry

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