What is a Poster

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What is a Poster

What Are Posters?

Here are the answers to the questions above: What is meant by poster?

Posters are placards that are displayed in public places in the form of announcements or advertisements containing persuasion or persuasion to the public to do something by prioritizing the power of images and words.

Discussion: What is a Poster

According to the lexical meaning or dictionary meaning, posters are posters placed in public places (in the form of announcements or advertisements).
Poster is a persuasive text that prioritizes strength picture and words displayed in public places.

Posters are thus divided into 3 types, namely:
1) commercial posters, namely posters that serve to introduce or offer new goods
2) activity posters, namely posters that inform about events or activities that will be carried out and which are important to be known or followed by the community.
3) posters community dedication, namely posters with notices and explanations encouraging people to do something.

Detailed Answers What Does the Poster Mean

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