Mention 6 Types of Creative Dance Properties

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Mention 6 Types of Creative Dance Properties

Mention 6 Types of Creative Dance Properties

When watching dance Show, definitely in his performance dancers use additional tools. Like a mask dance performance where dancers will dance using masks, that's what is called dance property.

Discussion of Creative Dance Properties

Property is equipment commonly used for a performance, one of which is in a dance performance. The meaning of Dance Property is as media supporters to convey the meaning of the message from the dance performed.

This dance property is often used as a form of beauty in a performance, because if the performance uses this property it will depict the theme of the dance being performed, so that it looks perfect and more alive.

When using the dance feature, you need to pay attention to several things, such as type, function, form and accuracy. Because a dancer also needs what is called mastery and skill. Indonesia itself has many types of traditional dances with unique characteristics. Even this property can be used for creative dance properties.

The following are the types of creative dance characteristics:

  • Masks are used to beautify the characters played by dancers.
  • In addition to being the main feature in dance performances, shawls are also used to beautify movements.
  • Headwear, one might say, is a mandatory attribute for dancers.
  • Umbrellas, which are usually used to beautify the dance performed by the dancers.
  • Fans have always been used by traditional dancers and even now they are widely used or used as a support for modern dances.
  • Tabuk musical instrument used as an indirect guide to dance rhythms and the musical instruments used are drums to drums.

Detailed answers Types of Creative Dance Equipment

Class : Middle School

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Chapter : Chapter 13 – Assembling Creative Dance Moves

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