Mention the Characteristics of Pantun

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Mention the Characteristics of Pantun


Mention the Characteristics of Pantun

Pantun is a type of old poetry which is the legacy of old Malay literature. This pantun, like poetry, also pays attention to aesthetics Language, the meaning of the word is also a form of writing that has verses.

The complete characteristics of Pantun are as follows:

❖ Each stanza has 4 lines.
❖ The first and second lines are part of the sampiran.
❖ The third and fourth lines mean the contents of the pantun.
❖ in each pantun line there are 8 to 12 syllables.
❖ has a number of rhymes including aaaa, abab, aabb or abba.

A Complete Discussion Regarding the Characteristics of Pantun

Pantun is a form of literary work that is bound by rules.

At first Pantun meant verbal literature, people in the past were used to reciprocating rhymes. They say privately oral without thinking. But as time goes by, now we can also find written rhymes.

The unique feature of a poem is that it does not include the name of the composer (anonymous). This is because the spread of pantun is done from verbal to verbal.


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