The prostration of gratitude is done as much

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The prostration of gratitude is done as much

As many as ???​

Number of prostrations which was done at sthanksgiving is 1 time. Where at the time of prostration of gratitude starting from takbiratul ihram then immediately doing prostration and so on getting up from prostration then doing greetings. At the time of prostration as well disunnahkan to read the prayer.

Discussion of the Amount of Thanksgiving

The fading of thanksgiving is a kind of obedience Islamic law is sunnah to be done or done by amukallaf. The explosion of gratitude occurs because it gets enjoyment from Allah or done because it is safe from disaster. Examples of sukallaf behavior belonging to the activity of performing prostrations of gratitude in daily life include:

  • Amukallaf took the swipe when he heard the announcement that he had been given a job.
  • Mukallaf was exhausted when he survived a traffic accident.
  • Amukallaf performs friction while surviving a flood.
  • mukallaf, who was exhausted when he got the prize from winning the race.

Sujudd Gratitude Answer Details

Class : VIII

Subjects: Islamic Religion

Chapter: Kinds of Prostration

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