Mention the Properties of Magnets

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Mention the Properties of Magnets

Mention the Properties of Magnets

Each magnet has the same magnetic properties. The following are the properties of magnets:

  • can attract other objects
  • has two poles, the north pole and the south pole
  • the properties of the magnet can be lost
  • if the magnetic poles are the same then they will repel each other, if the poles are different then they will attract each other
  • the magnetic field will create a magnetic force

Discussion of the Properties of Magnets

Magnet is an object that can attract metal object other. Currently, the magnets that are around are artificial magnets that are deliberately made to make life easier Public. A simple example is a bag that has a lock made of a magnetic field, the magnets will attract each other to lock the bag because the other keys are made of metal.

Magnet Characteristics Answer Detail

Grade 9

Maple: Physics  

Chapter: Chapter 5 – Magnetism

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