Show Run Works For

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Show Run Works For

Show Run Works For

The answer to the above question: Show Run function

Show Run or command RUN functions to configure the Windows operating system to search for or open a system that is on Windows, be it a program, application, file, folder, etc. very quickly.


Windows Run is a feature that was first introduced in Microsoft Windows 95 which is currently used for all recent versions of Windows. To be able to open Run, users can use the shortcut Windows + R which will display the Run dialog box. The Run dialog box allows the user to open a program by name (if found in the Windows directory) or by launching a file by entering the location or full name where the computer, file, device, or web page is located.

A common example of using the Run box is, for example, when you want to open a calculator program, go directly to the Run box in Windows and type calc in the Open field, then press Enter on the keyboard to run it. In addition, another method that can be used is to execute a file located in the C:\\Windows folder, namely by entering a file name. For example, the executable for Calculator is calc.exe and press Enter.

As an active computer user, it is useful to use Run to open certain tools to discover some of the features computer which can make it easier for users.

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