What are the benefits if you listen to lectures

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What are the benefits if you listen to lectures


What are the benefits if you listen to lectures

Answer :

The benefits obtained by listening to lectures are gaining new knowledge, obtaining information, sharpening concentration, increasing faith, reminding oneself of things that should not be done, and so on.


Explanation of the benefits of Listening to Lectures


The benefit that I get when I give a lecture is that I can share experience, sharing information, getting rewarded for asking for kindness, and so on.

Listening to lectures can be done anytime and anywhere, but generally lectures are usually held at the mosque when there are activities such as during the month of Ramadan, recitation and so on.

Lectures, lectures and sermons have in common in conveying information or knowledge to listeners as well as invitations to do good. The difference is that lectures are invitations for religious matters that can be done anytime and anywhere. As for the delivery of sermons or invitations that have certain rules and can only be done at certain times. While the speech is in the form of a general invitation, it can be in the form of an appeal to protect the environment, and so on.

Information or knowledge that I get from lectures, such as wisdom fast, the reward that will be obtained from every good deed, the reward for bad deeds, and so on.

Lectures are invitations or solicitations to do good and are related to religion. Listening to lectures provides many benefits for us, especially when we are lecturing. However, in giving a lecture, some preparation is needed, such as understanding what will be conveyed so that those who listen can understand the intent and purpose of our lecture. Lectures are usually held at recitation events, or in the month of Ramadan to be precise before the tarwih prayers are held. Lectures usually contain several arguments that are useful to strengthen the arguments and invitations contained in a lecture.




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