Explain the definition of physical fitness

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Explain the definition of physical fitness

Explain the meaning of physical fitness


Do all kinds of activities well without experiencing fatigue which means, it would be nice for us to maintain fitness body. We need to maintain our body fitness so we can do various activities. Physical fitness is the ability possessed by a person to carry out daily tasks or activities easily without feeling excessively tired, and still have reserves energy to enjoy leisure time and for sudden needs.


Detailed discussion of physical fitness

The following are the components that exist in physical fitness:

  1.  Strength or Strength
  2. Endurance or Endurance
  3. Muscle power or Muscular Power
  4. Speed or Speed
  5. Flexibility or Flexibility
  6. Agility or Agility
  7. Coordination or Coordination
  8. Balance or Balance
  9. Speed or Accuracy
  10. Reaction or Reaction



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7th grade

Subject: Physical Education

Chapter: Chapter 5 – Physical Fitness Activities

Keywords: Physical Fitness, Energy, Health



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