Plant Breeding Can Be Done In A Way

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Plant breeding can be done in a number of ways

Plant breeding can be done in a number of ways

a. cross marriage
b. environmental manipulation
c. do crop rotation
d. pest handling




The right answer is done by the way A cross marriage

Discussion of plant breeding

Plant breeding is done by crossing to take advantage of the appearance of a good combination of parental crosses. Plant breeding through crosses is often referred to as hybrid varieties.

Hybrid varieties are types of plants that are derived from crosses between two or more species plant who have different genetic characteristics. For example, rice hybrid can produce more 30% rice than ordinary rice, is more drought tolerant, fluffier, more fragrant and harvests faster. Examples of hybrid rice include the varieties Arize, Intani, PPH, Bernas Prima and IPB 4S.  


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Grade 9

Subject: Biology

Chapter: Inheritance of Traits


Keywords: genes, traits, crossbreeding






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