Why does each region have a different style of decoration?

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Why does each region have a different style of decoration?


Each region has a different style of decoration due to differences in customs, customs and culture from one place to another. The cultural diversity in Indonesia is what makes decorations from various regions with symbols of different meanings.



Definition different decorative patterns

Decorative motifs are a form of art. What is meant by decoration or motif is the basic component of a name which is generally shaped or in the form of a repeated pattern so that the ornament is durable and does not break. Ornaments are usually found in works of art or craft products to beautify the work of art by filling in the blanks on the surface of the work. The quality of various works of art can be improved by the presence of decorations. Even though they are decorative, the ornamental variety is actually born as a representation of symbols and meanings from the socio-cultural background of each region. Ornaments symbolize culture, including morals, rules, beliefs, and other elements, which include environmental conditions around the community where the ornament was born.

Some examples of decoration can be found in weaving, carving, carving or stone.


Ornament Type

Based on the type of motif, decorative styles are divided into five types, namely:

  • Geometric

This ornament variant uses line elements as its basic components, such as straight lines, curves, wavy lines, zigzags, and others. This Ornamental Race is the oldest Ornamental Race because it developed from prehistoric times.  

When drawing patterns, these ornaments contain plant shapes or figures.  

  • Decorative Fauna  

If the flora ornament contains plant shapes, fauna decorations contain animal shapes or figures in the ornament.  

  • Figurative

This ornamental variety has a basic component in the form of a human figure.  

  • polygonal

Polygonal Decorative Variety contains shapes resulting from the relationship of the number of straight lines, such as triangles, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, and so on.


In general, beach decorations will include objects that depict beach or coastal life, such as fish and other sea creatures. While the interior decoration will include the pattern of the temples around the interior.



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