What is the Function of Facts in Explanatory Text?

Hello guys, on this occasion I have a question. "What is the function of facts in explanatory text?? please answer your version yes. Here I will explain my version.

Discussion About what is the function of facts in explanatory text

Explanatory text is a text that explains or explains processes and phenomena, both natural and social.

The purpose of compiling an explanatory text is to explain the process that produces events or phenomena, both natural and social. Explain the causes and effects of an event or social/natural phenomenon and provide examples to make it easier for readers to understand the text.

What is the function of facts in explanatory text?

How explanatory text structure

The structure of the explanatory text includes the definition of phenomena, sequence of events and comments.

Explanatory text is a text that explains the relationship of events/processes of an event. Well, this narrative text has

structure which is divided into 3. Who are they? Come see.

  • Phenomenon identification. What is phenomenon identification? In the identification of this phenomenon there are explanations related to nature, society, culture and other phenomena.
  • Series of events. This sequence of events is an outline of events that are relevant/related to the identification of the phenomenon. This section can be sorted by cause-effect relationship and time/time relationship.
  • review. This review can be in the form of some comments/reviews about the consequences of the described events previously temporal (process) and causal (cause and effect) models.

Text an explanation of the relationship between events or the process of revealing a natural, social or cultural phenomenon that exists in everyday life.

Destination Narrative text is to provide information or understanding as clearly as possible to the reader in order to know and be able to understand the ongoing phenomenon, as well as provide insight for the reader himself.

Characteristics of explanatory text

The following is an explanation of characteristic features narrative text:

  1. Facts, when providing information to readers, must provide facts so that readers believe in the fact that this phenomenon exists, there is new information such as not being believed to be mere lies / Hoax.
  2. .An explanatory text can be said to be informative if the informative text can be useful for readers who
  3. discuss scientific phenomenaIn general, explanatory texts discuss a phenomenon related to science or science. Text can also provide insight to the reader.
  4. Developed according to temporal and causal models, the chronological model is the events connected to the time series. While the causality model is to explain the cause and effect of an event.

Types of narrative text

From the discussion section, the narrative text is divided into three, namely:

  1. Discussion of natural phenomena

This text contains explanations of natural phenomena, such as: volcanic eruptions in Sumatra, floods in Jakarta, burning of open land. forest, etc.

  1. Discussion of Social Phenomena

In this section, narrative text describes the social conditions of a place, such as: unemployment, corruption, bullying, and the like.

  1. Discussing Cultural Phenomena

has content to explain a culture or custom that has a certain lineage, such as: an explanation of the progress of singing and weaving. , folk dances, customs, etc

Example of short explanatory text?


is a text that explains the relationship between events or processes that occur


Examples of short narrative texts are:

Volcano eruption Volcano is a natural phenomenon caused by magma deposited in the bowels of the earth. The gas that is there will then gush with great force. Later, the gases released from the mountain also carried other objects such as stones and gravel. This incident caused the volcanic eruption to become one of the natural disasters that endanger the Indonesian people, especially the people who live in the vicinity.

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