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How To Trade Stocks To Be Safe For Beginners

What is stock investment?

Shares are documents that show that a person owns shares in the company's capital. Bondholders have rights to part of the company's assets.

By owning shares, an individual or entity can gain ownership of a public company. Shareholders are entitled to receive dividends according to the number of shares they own.

Dividend income usually depends on the company's performance and is managed in accordance with the company's articles of association. On the other hand, the issuance of shares is one way for companies to raise funds or new capital for long-term business development.

How to trade stocks so it's safe for beginners

listed on the stock exchange at different prices depending on the company and financial situation. However, now it's easier for you to just download the app to register and start investing in stocks.

However, you need to choose the best storage program according to your preferences and needs. Choosing a stock application registered with OJK is also important so that you can invest safely and comfortably.

Each program has different advantages and disadvantages. So, you should be able to choose the best stock app that suits you best. Important factors to consider are features, security, and transaction fees.

Investing in stocks is not as difficult as most people think. There are so many ways to own stocks that beginners can try, such as online trading via a personal smartphone. In addition, the abundance of information available can also prepare you when researching market patterns and conditions. It's never too late to start trading stocks.

So what should you do when and before you start? Study the following information so you don't make mistakes when trading stocks!


correct stock index. There are about 22 types of stock indices listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Learn about the types commonly used by stock players. For example, we can choose LQ45 or IDX30, as we know both have high liquidity and are supported by reliable quality companies. LQ45 is the IDX stock index which consists of 45 companies. Meanwhile, IDX30 is the 30 stocks with the most liquidity.

 Choose the right security

When you buy stock, you are using a brokerage firm or stockbrokers who charge a fee for each trade. Choose securities that offer lower rates, such as 0.20% on all share purchases. This is to optimize profits and ensure a more complete way to trade your shares.


Stock Trading Periods There are two ways to trade stocks by period, long term and short term. In the short term, the risk of loss is greater, but the opportunity to make a profit is faster.

 On the other hand, there is a higher chance of profit when trading stocks in the long term. When the stock has a good reputation and fundamentals and performance 

 Do it with patience

No successful stock trading without patience. As a beginner, it is recommended that you use small amounts of funds and increase the amount as your understanding increases.

Likewise, when facing losses, face it with a clear mind and on average by buying stocks whose prices have fallen. You may even experience profits when market conditions stabilize.

Application Trading Shares that are already under OJK


Stockbit is one of the most popular stock apps that I can recommend for beginners. This stock app can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store.

The main advantage of this stock application is the online community function, which can be a place to chat with other traders. Not infrequently, some professional traders offer stock recommendations as well as technical or fundamental analysis.

Through this stock application you can also track the movement of the stock market in real time. This stock application is also registered with the OJK and offers the Touch ID feature to ensure transaction security.


Next is Bibit which is a sharing program from PT Bibit Grow Bersama. Through the Bibit program, you can buy shares in the form of mutual funds. In addition, there are other mutual fund options, for example: money market bonds. There is also a Robo Advisor feature that can make it easier for us to invest according to your risk profile.

The advantages of the Bibit share program are online registration, commission-free purchases of mutual funds and investments that can be withdrawn at any time without penalty. The seeds are also included in the warehouse application which is officially registered and supervised by the OJK.

Bareksa is the first integrated financial and investment market in Indonesia. The Bareksa sharing application is also officially registered and supervised by the OJK. You can buy shares in the form of investment funds from Bareksa.

The advantage of Bareksa is that you can register online, there are more than 150 mutual fund products, more than 50 investment managers and different payment methods. In addition to the ability to make trading faster and easier on Bareksa, it also has a Robo Advisor feature.


The second best stock application is IPOT which is owned by PT Indo Premier Sekuritas and must be registered by the OJK. The IPOT application is equipped with a Trading Robot feature that can execute buy and sell instructions at the relevant share price.

The advantage of this stock application is that no minimum deposit is required, so it is highly recommended for those of you who want to start investing in stocks with small capital. Another option is the online registration process. From the trading commission, the share sales commission is 0.29% and the share purchase is 0.19%.

RTI Business

RTI Business is one of the best stock apps due to its popularity among investors. This stock application contains information about movements in the capital market.

In addition, RTI Business has information on income statement, probabilities, cash flow, balance sheet, profit and growth. You can analyze the company's performance over the last five years.

BCAS Best Mobile

BCAS Best Mobile is perfect for those of you who want to trade on the Indonesian stock exchange. This application was developed by BCA Sekuritas. BCAS offers a Quick Order feature, so it's only natural that this app is promoted as a user-friendly inventory app.

However, the initial deposit that you must have is quite high, which is IDR 3 million. Regarding the payment for each online store, the purchase commission is 0.18% and the sales commission is 0.28%. At the same time, if you use the services of a sales broker, the commission per transaction is higher, ie. Purchase commission 0.25% and sales commission 0.35%.


Ajaib is a stock investment APK under the auspices of PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia and PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia. This stock app offers a wide variety of stocks and mutual funds. Ajaib also has a permit and is officially under the supervision of the OJK.

Magic is one of the recommended stock investment apps for beginners because of its easy-to-understand user interface. Another advantage of the Ajaib Shares program is the ease of opening a stock account, without the need for an initial deposit.

That's it guys about how to trade stocks that I can convey to you, I hope it can be useful, guys, thank you.

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