Ad Video Maker App

Ad Video Maker App for Your Product Promotion

For you business owners who are engaged in any field in today's digital era, promotion through social media is very important. Here mimin will discuss Ad Video Maker App for your Product Promotion

Ad Video Maker App

Everyone around the world is never separated from social media and almost every hour they always use their cellphones to read news, see other people's activities through Instagram, watch YouTube and so on.

With these habits, promotion through social media will greatly affect the increase in your product sales. However, there are things you need to pay attention to, namely the appearance of the photos or videos that you make. Why is appearance so important? Because visual appeal can affect the perception of every consumer.

If you create attractive video displays and quality content, it will be a strong attraction for people to watch your product marketing videos further.

Therefore, the video editing process is mandatory. For video editing, you need skillful Ad Video Maker App and high creativity. Currently, there are many applications or software available for editing videos with complete and user friendly editing functions.

10 Ad Video Maker Apps for Your Product Promotion

Here are 10 Ad Video Maker Applications that you can use for more attractive and professional product marketing.

1. Inshot

If you need the best Ad Video Maker App that is easy to access and use, then InShot is the answer. You can access InShot through Android and PC, you can download it through Playstore and InShot official website.

The advantages of this application in addition to editing videos, you can also edit photos, photo collages, filters and add text to your videos and product photos.

Only by downloading one application, you can get many benefits while making your product promotion videos or images more optimal and attractive to consumers.

2. Final Cut Pro

For those of you MacOS users, this video editor is perfect for you. You can download this software through the Mac App Store, Final Cut Pro is available in paid form and free for 30 days.

Final Cut Pro X is equipped with professional video editing features such as editing, audio, motion graphics, advanced color grading, HDR support, ProRes RAW, New Metal engine, 360^0 video editing and VR headset playback.

With these features, you can make your product or business promotional videos look more professional, and of course you should also practice using this software to improve the quality of your product and business videos.

3. Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is available for desktop (Windows and MacOS), it is the leading video editing software in advertising, film and other industries. If you want to make a product ad video with a very attractive appearance,

The software offers some advanced new features like automatic video reformatting, Lumetri Color tool, Accelerated Audio Mixing and End-to-end VR 180. Adobe Premiere Pro is a paid software but you can try this software for free for 7 days .

4. KineMaster

If you are new to movie editing, this video editing app will really help you to create promotional videos for your products or business.

When you start editing videos, KineMaster offers Project Assistant and Empty Project options, the difference is that Project Assistant will be guided in systematically editing videos, making it easier for you as a new user to use this Ad Video Maker Application.

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In addition to the full range of editing tools, KineMaster offers other powerful features such as speed control, special effects, audio, and so on. You can use this app on both Android and iOS, making it easy for you to quickly access and edit videos.

5. Quik

The Qiuk application is available for Android and desktop users, for Android it can be downloaded via the PlayStore, while for desktop it can be downloaded via the official GoPro website. This app is available for free and offers a number of powerful features that will make your product or business videos look cooler.

As the name suggests, the advantage of this application is the fast video editing that is done automatically by the application. But don't worry, you can still edit the video however you like. When editing a video, you can also include product photos in the video.

6. FilmoraGo

If you want a free video editing app and a free watermark, this app is the answer! It is suitable for those of you who have limited funds to make promotional videos. Filmorago has professional video editing capabilities so you can produce compelling product or business campaign videos.

The features of this application are very practical, easy to use and various, such as animations for subtitles, overlays, filters, trim and so on. You can download this app through Playstore and you can access and edit videos through your Android anytime and anywhere.

7. Splice

Splice is a video editing application released by GoPro, this application is perfect for you loyal iPhone or iPad users, you can get Splice for free through the AppStore.

Although the free tools in this application are complete, the available features vary from trim clips, slow motion, filters, multiple tracks, different background sounds and others.

The advantages of this application are vertical vlof or the ability to make videos stand up straight, as well as the background sound function that can automatically adjust to the video. Using this application helps and makes it easier for you to make promotional videos more interesting

8. VivaVideo

Looking for the best Ad Video Maker App for your business, but a free one? If yes, then VivaVideo is the right answer. This application is equipped with the main features and various other features such as video collages, video/photo editing, effects, music, text and others.

In addition, this application provides a community of video creators, for those of you who have a business with a global market share, this is your opportunity to promote widely. VivaVideo is available for Android, just download it via Playstore.

9. YouCut

Although this application is called YouCut, this application is not only for cutting videos but is also equipped with video editing features. The way to get this application, you only need to download it through the Playstore for Android users.

By using YouCut, you can edit business ad videos for free and without watermark. YouCut also offers video editing features like merge videos, add music, video effects, compressor, speed control and more.

10. VideoShow

The best video editing application is included in the best applications for Android, VideoShow has an attractive appearance and user friendly features. Using this app, you can produce cool and attractive promotional videos for your products or business for people to see.

VideoShow is equipped with various functions such as an all-in-one editor (various font styles, themes, video background editing and etc.), professional video editing tools (dubbing videos, amazing material center, etc.) editing, you can also edit it right away. share videos to social media, which you have through this app.

Well, those are some of the best Ad Video Maker Applications that are popular among online shop businesses. The features of some of these Ad Video Maker Apps are comprehensive and easy to use, allowing you to produce attractive and professional marketing videos.

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