7 Unique Money Saving Methods

7 Unique Money Saving Methods

Saving is an important thing that must be accustomed. Not only for emergency fund needs, saving is also useful to train you not to be wasteful. Don't spend too much if it doesn't mean anything.

Saving is indeed one thing that is easily difficult. You need to work around this with various strategies so that your savings always increase. The methods below can help you overcome the wasteful and lazy nature of saving, get used to it from now on, yes.

7 Unique Money Saving Methods

1. Save according to the calendar

You can use this one saving method with a nominal system that matches the date. You can start saving Rp1. 000 at the same time or Rp. 30 thousand at the same time as 30. If you do not change with this method, your savings will reach around Rp. 496. 000 for a month, meaning you can collect close to IDR 5 million in a year. Enough, right?

2. Saving at the odd-even time

Almost the same as the previous method, you can use the system according to the nominal of your savings. Odd nominal savings coincide with odd and conversely you can save in even nominal amounts on even numbers. Adjust the nominal of your savings with the goal so that you don't think it's too voluntary.

3. Saving a certain amount

Set aside your savings with the same nominal amount every day. Also adjust your savings goals. IDR 20 thousand a day for one month will make IDR 600 thousand.

Increase your saving nominal again in the following month so you don't get bored and feel challenged. With this method, you will not feel too heavy because you will not face significant nominal changes every day.

4. Saving tiered nominal

If you feel bored with saving the same nominal amount, you can work around it with this one procedure. Increase your savings amount every day.

The first day of saving, you can start with IDR 5 thousand, the second day IDR 7 thousand, the third day IDR 10 thousand and so on. If you don't change with this saving system, you will see significant results, you know. Don't forget to make nominal targets that must be achieved, okay?

5. Random saving

You can adjust this one method according to the savings target you want. If you have a savings goal of IDR 5 million and want to achieve it within 2 months, then all you have to do is break the five million into numbers that you can reach every day for the past 2 months.

Create a special table and write down random numbers for the nominal savings, cross out each nominal number that you have set aside and continue until your target is achieved.

6. Saving change

If you like shopping, you must also like to save. Set aside change from your purchases for savings. Although the amount is not always the same, this method is also perfect for those of you who are trained to save, you know.

But, that doesn't mean you can shop as much as you like, right? Use this method only as a bonus method of your saving method. If this method is tried consistently, it is not impossible that you will get 2 times the benefits of saving.

7. Automatic saving

This method is also widely used by some people. To avoid spending money on things that don't mean anything, usually this method is tried in the early stages of receiving income. Separate your account into several parts, especially for certain savings.

So, as soon as you get paid, you can directly transfer it to the account. Don't remember if you have a stash there, okay? This routine is very good to try for those of you who don't remember to save. Live without changing.

Those are some unique ways to save money and need to try. Which is your favorite method? Live without changing, yes!

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