Small Businesses That Can Be Started With Little or No Capital

Small Businesses That Can Be Started With Little or No Capital

It is becoming more and more difficult to make ends meet with only one source of income. Thus more and more people are investigating opportunities to start their own extra income home business. Most of those part-time businesses are started and operated from the comfort of their homes.

Before you start: the main components you should do but are some basic market studies. Find out for yourself, first hand, how many people are interested in your proposed product or service, and may be inclined to stand in line and pay cash for it.

This is known as defining your market and finding out your potential customers. If after checking around telling people about your ideas, with a whole lot of people it's between 1 – 3 weeks longer, you get the idea that these people will be paying customers; Your next effort should immediately go toward “detailing” your business plan.


The more unique and precise your plan is, protecting all the basics related to how you are going to do the whole thing you want to achieve, the more difficult it will be for one to have success. Such a plan displays your initial investment wishes, your marketing plan, your product approach and costs, your sales program, and how some time can be given.

Over-enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs soar in extra income ventures and suddenly find that costs are outpacing their skills and time requirements than they can meet.

It will pay to put everything down on paper before you get involved, the more clearly you can "see" the whole thing before you start the better your chances of success.

Do you constantly want to be your own boss and manage some time, do business from home using your spare room/living room, outdoor or your one bedroom condo as work and home but have never had a clue about money generating ideas to pursue dreams? You? You now don't have to pay attention to manners falling from heaven before you take the first step towards financial freedom, only this kind of money-making idea can be your blueprint for success. This list is not always exhaustive but I think you can pick a hobby in one or two of the following indexed organizations.

  • CONSULTATION SERVICES: – These are mostly small companies to consider; It's easy to basically consult about almost anything and everything. Just think of any special skills for your possession and pronto you can generate affordable income from it. For example marriage counseling, commercial company consulting, seeking legal advice from, asset consulting, education consulting, media consulting, and so on. One now does not have to have capital to start consulting, just a few contacts on your mobile, email addresses and referrals from the circle of relatives and friends, you are good to go.
  • RESTAURANT: – No matter how many people are terrible, food remains the main simple necessity of life before clothing and protection. If you do it right, it is one of the preferred ways to cross the poverty line. If you are still in doubt, please visit Equal Right in Somolu, Amala Sonola in ogba Aguda, Ewa-Agonyin (Beans) palace in Unilag and so on. With capital between N10K – N50k, you should generate residual income from it.
  • FASHION AND TAILORING SERVICES: – Since ancient times the fashion business has been dynamic and always present. From Paris to New-York, Milan to Lagos, Beijing to Joburg, style statements defy national/ethnic restrictions. Other occasions require unique outfits, you can easily take advantage of trends in human style consciousness to earn a respectable life. You can start with as low as N30K-N100K.
  • REAL ESTATE AGENT: – By finding homes for potential clients, you are performing a valuable service to both homeowners and potential tenants. Advertise that you have lists available for homes, residences, apartments, rooms, offices, and many others. You can rate a one-time price to find lodging or work for a fee. In this line of business, capital or professional qualifications are not really needed as a start-up, you may belong to a company in the real estate niche or get briefs from family and friends, just have the right facts and you will always smile to the bank. Apart from that, you can also become an asset supervisor in your customers and earn constant income from control fees.
  • RENTAL BUSINESS: This has mushroomed into an exciting new corporate opportunity. People like to borrow, do-it-yourself hire professional systems. A lot of people have gotten it right in recent times by appearing as condominium agents for everything – power equipment, trucks, cars, electric turbines, and so on. Just take a look at your neighborhood and do some research on what an apartment will cost your network. For example, if you live in an area where repair items are just popping up, you may decide to assign building tools that include, wheel-barrow, head-pan, shovel, spade, shovel, drum, ladder, scaffolding, sledge hammer. , select vehicles, and many others.
  • LAUNDRY / IRONING SERVICE / CLOTHES CLEANING: Everyone has dirty clothes for washing and ironing, but many people who operate and careers do not have the time to have the tendency to wash their own clothes because the desk is busy at work or business, this is where you will be available and make money through doing professional laundry providers, especially in areas where power delivery is erratic. If your exterior/compound is spacious enough to handle the washers and pressers that will do the clothes justice, rent them out and start earning cash, this commercial company may just want to be for you when you have a knack for cleaning and cleaning company offerings. With a capital between N20K – N100K, this company may want to turn you into a millionaire within a certain period of time.
  • HOME CLEANING SERVICES: Many homeowners and apartment dwellers would welcome help with “house cleaning”. Charge a flat rate for the amount of labor to be performed. Make arrangements with companies that offer manpower to tidy up the office environment, clean carpets, clean furniture, polish, and many others. and collect commission from them. Notify your friends and circle of relatives who are moving to a new place of residence or changing places of work, with the help of flyers or handbills that you can reach out to a large target audience.
  • JEWELRY ACCESSORIES: Homemade costume jewelry for sale, promote directly to earring shops, gift shops, hairdresser shops, garment boutiques, and by promoting in e-commerce stores including Jumia, Konga, Payporte, OLX, Facebook Shopify, smemarkethub Gtbank, and many others. It is worth initially restrained capital N5K-N20k.
  • GAME CENTER: The recreation center idea is ideal, both for those who have jobs and people who need full time involvement. The game center is the area where broadly speaking young humans come to play basic computer games like play station, Nintendo, Atari, and many others. You can also offer an area for drinks like ice cream, snacks, soft drinks, etc. Gaming facilities charge customers coming to their outlet between N100.00 – N500.00 depending on the region, and the type of client you work with. If you start small, you can make between N5k – N20k according to the day. There's a classic recreation center on Mende via Maryland, built with portal cabins and looks amazing too. You can also offer MOBILE GAME cabins for birthdays and get-together events, these associations can fetch you real money if you get excessive clients in areas like Ikoyi, VI, Lekki, Ikeja GRA, and so on.
  • FISH CULTIVATION: If you have thought of a small business and have never heard of fish farming, then you are definitely missing something. Over the years, quite a few humans have made a fortune from fish farming; As populations swell and protein cravings are way out of the available supply, fish food is usually a winner when done well. Fish farming is a certain betting business if you put the right systems in place. More and more people are liking fish because of its low cholesterol protein, all you need to do is get an area, buy or build a tank, buy finger lings between N10 to N20 and feed them for 4 to six months, then sell from between N1500 to N2000 depending on weight and size. But you want to have some basic knowledge of fish farming to get started with this.