8 Methods of Playing Stock for Beginners

The right method of dominant stock must be studied if you want to get big profits.

OCBC NISP friends, you have a desire to invest in stocks but are unsure how to start? Playing stocks is indeed difficult and easy, really. As long as you know the right stock predominant method, OCBC NISP friends can minimize risk and get optimal cash.

Stock is an investment instrument that moves in the capital market and is in great demand by investors. Why? Because the ability of the profits offered by the stock is very large.

Tempting isn't it? So, are you ready to learn something new? If so, let's follow the description of the stock playing method in this post!

What is stock?

Based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), shares are a valuable message as a fact of ownership of the capital portion of a limited liability company that can distribute rights to dividends according to the size of the capital ownership value.

Thus, the interpretation of shares is a valuable message issued by the industry and widely traded to citizens as an investment effort. Shares have a large level of risk and the distribution of profits is adjusted to the value of shareholder ownership.

8 Methods of Playing Stock for Beginners

Why do you need to learn the most important stock method?

Stocks are investment instruments with great returns. The big profits are accompanied by great risks. So, so that you can experience the risk potential while calculating the potential profit that can be achieved, then you need to learn the right stock essential method.

How is the important stock method for beginners

Well, you have mastered the interpretation of what stocks are and why you need to learn how to play stocks. Now is the time to learn how to use major stock methods for newcomers that are efficient and profitable.

There are eight stock investing methods that you can learn. What are they? Here's the explanation:

  • Master what is stock

The stock predominant method or the initial stock saving method is to master what a stock is first. Well, in this post, OCBC NISP's friends have studied what stocks are, what are their profitability and what level of risk must be experienced.

However, that doesn't mean it just ends there. You also need to study about the types of stocks, types of stock prices, and various other things that can support your investment process.

  • Collect the required data

In addition to pursuing the initial stock principal method, OCBC NISP friends also need to collect and use the necessary data in stock investment.

For example, the use of technology that can help you check stock prices and carry out buying and selling of these valuable messages. So, don't just explore people's words, but understand every thing properly and have the essential data.

  • Use capital wisely

In carrying out investments, OCBC NISP friends certainly have limited investment capital. The stock saving method or the stock fundamental method for newcomers is to use the capital you have wisely.

If your capital is large, OCBC NISP friends can measure which stocks are very profitable. When you are ready, you can also invest in stocks whose turnover costs fluctuate and try to become a stock trader.

In contrast, the foremost method of small-capital stocks is to look for stocks with normal-cost capital. Thus, the level of risk can be minimized and you can always enjoy the desired benefits.

  • Buy stocks when prices are low

The essential stock method or the next stock investment method is to buy stocks when prices are low. What does it mean? In the process of buying and selling, the purchase price of shares continues to change over time. So, in order to get optimal profit, you can buy the desired stock when the cost is low.

After that, by placing these shares, if the industry's performance goes well, the share price can increase. If you make a vow to become a trader, then the shares can be sold and OCBC NISP friends can benefit from the comparison of the buying and selling prices.

Not only that, if you want to profit from dividends or industry income, then OCBC NISP friends can put the shares and be patient.

  • Set options in financially stable industries

The fifth important method of stock for newcomers is to set options in the normal financial industry.

Take the time to do a study of the industry you want to invest in. Because, not all industries have a good portfolio. In addition, if the current stock price rises, it is not certain that tomorrow will always be like that. So, you also need to predict the ups and downs of prices.

That way, OCBC NISP friends can get the expected benefits and minimize the risks.

  • Check the state of the economy regularly

The next method of playing stock for newcomers is to check the state of the economy regularly, both from within and outside the country. Why is that? This is because these records can be used to predict fluctuations in the price of the shares to be purchased.

For example, if the stock price condition in the capital market is normal, then OCBC NISP friends can invest new capital in the desired industry. On the other hand, if in fact stock prices are dropping in the capital market, then OCBC NISP friends can refrain from buying and selling shares.

  • Determine the appropriate stock index

The next essential stock method is to ensure a suitable stock index. A stock index is a portfolio or imaginary information related to the measurement of price changes of some or all of the capital market.

When the stock index increases, the price of most of the stocks measured by the index also increases. On the other hand, if the stock index shrinks, most of the stocks in the index will also shrink.

As a newcomer, you can try stocks listed in the LQ45 or IDX30 index. The LQ45 index is a stock index that measures the price performance of 45 stocks with large liquidity, large market capitalization, and good industry credibility.

The IDX30 index is a stock index whose job is to measure the price performance of 80 stocks with large liquidity, large market capitalization, and have good industry credibility.

  • Target stocks belonging to the consumer goods industry or the banking industry

Now, the essential stock method or the last method of investing is targeting stocks belonging to the consumer goods industry or the banking industry.

Why is that? Because, these two businesses are businesses that last a long time and are always needed by residents. So, the price offered is usually more normal. There are also fewer risks to be experienced and OCBC NISP friends can get more profit.