Espionage is Included in the Threat Category

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Espionage is Included in the Threat Category

Espionage is Included in the Threat Category

Answer :


Espionage falls under the threat category… military

Detailed discussion of Threats

Espionage falls under the threat category…military

Detailed discussion of threats

Threats are businesses or activities that try to damage and harm sovereignty a country and the safety of its citizens. It can be in the form of military threats and non-military threats.

Military threats include aggression or military attacks by other countries, violation of territorial boundaries, espionage or espionage, sabotage or destruction, acts of armed terror, armed rebellion in the form of separatism, overthrow of power (coup) or civil war.

Espionage is a type of military threat. What happens when someone tries to get secret information about the sovereignty of a country.

Espionage can be carried out by tapping equipment communication, enter a secret agency to steal government information, or bribe a government official to reveal the secret.

Information generated from espionage can be misused by foreign, or criminal and terrorist organizations. For example information about military technology, which can be used to map weaknesses in existing military strength.

This espionage is very dangerous and therefore must be countered by what is called counter-espionage. Espionage countermeasures are carried out by the intelligence agency in Indonesia, namely BIN (State Intelligence Agency).


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Class: 12  

Subjects: PPKN    

Material: Chapter 6 – Indonesia's Strategy in Resolving Threats to the State  

Keywords: Espionage, Military Threats


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