Various Handicraft Products From Hard Materials Namely

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Various Handicraft Products From Hard Materials Namely

Various Handicraft Products From Hard Materials Namely

Answer :


Some examples of crafts made from hard materials are as follows:

  • Sculpture made of stone.
  • Chair made of rattan.
  • Cabinet made of wood.
  • Wall decoration made of shells.
  • Flower rack made of wood

Detailed discussion of Craft Products

Handicraft products are products made by hand using creative techniques and traditional. Craft products can take various forms, such as:

  1. Handicrafts from cloth, such as batik, weaving, or songket.
  2. Crafts from metal materials, such as silver, gold, or copper.
  3. Handicrafts made of wood, such as carvings, furniture, or household items.
  4. Crafts from ceramic materials, such as ceramics, silver, or copper.
  5. Crafts from other materials such as stone, ceramic, silver, or copper.
  6. Crafts from paper materials such as greeting cards, pop ups, origami.
  7. Crafts from recycled materials such as crafts from cans, bottles, cardboard.
  8. Crafts from natural materials such as handicrafts from bamboo, rattan, woven.

These crafts can be used as home decorations, knick-knacks, gifts, or even sold as unique products that can attract consumers' attention.


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