Mention the Obligatory Requirements of Friday Prayers

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Mention the Obligatory Requirements of Friday Prayers

Mention the Obligatory Requirements of Friday Prayers

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The obligatory conditions for the Friday prayer are: Islam, baligh, intelligent, male, healthy and mukim.

Detailed discussion of Friday prayers

Friday prayer is a prayer that must be performed by Muslims on Friday, to be precise at noon, which begins with two sermon.

This is as explained by Allah in QS. Al Jumuah verse 9 namely:

O you who believe, when the call to prayer is echoed on Friday, then hurry to remember Allah, and stop selling.

It means:

"O you who believe, when you are called for Friday prayers, then hasten to remember Allah and buy and sell. It would be better for you if you knew.”

In Islam, there are provisions regarding who and how people are obliged to pray Friday. And the following conditions are obligatory Friday prayer:

1). Islam

So for people other than Muslims it is not obligatory for him to pray Friday. So, is it permissible for them (except Muslims) to perform Friday prayers? The answer is yes. It's just that their prayers are considered invalid.

2). Puberty

For toddlers or people who have not reached puberty, Friday prayers are not obligatory. This is as explained in the hadith which reads:

"Order small children to pray when they are 7 years old." (Narrated by Abu Dawud)

Small children are not yet obliged to pray Friday, because they cannot know what is right and what is wrong.

3). Reasonable

For people who have lost their minds (crazy people), it is not obligatory to perform Friday prayers until they have fully recovered.

4). Men, healthy

This is explained in the hadith:

Friday is the right and obligation of every Muslim in a congregation except four: slaves, slaves, women, boys or sick

Meaning: “Friday prayer is obligatory for every Muslim in congregation except 4 people, namely: slaves, women, small children or people who are sick”.

5). Sedentary person

The meaning of this word is that people who are obliged to perform Friday prayers are people who actually live in that area. In the sense that they are not on their way (travelers). So, travelers are given waivers not to perform Friday prayers.


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