Forward Roll Movement Requires Elements

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Forward Roll Movement Requires Elements

Forward Roll Movement Requires Elements

A: Muscle strength
B. Agility
C. Balance
D. Flexibility

Answer :


The answer is C. Balance

So that the position of the body when rolling does not sway to the side. In addition, forward roll also requires elements of strength and flexibility

Detailed explanation of the Forward Roll Movement

A forward roll, or front roll, is an acrobatic movement that is performed by passing the body forward by rotating the body from back to front. This movement is usually done in sport such as gymnastics, parkour, and cheerleading. This front roll requires good coordination, balance, muscle strength, speed, and flexibility to be performed correctly and safely. This front roll can be done with various variations and different levels of difficulty. There are several techniques that can be used to learn this movement, such as using a raft, doing specific exercises, and practicing with an experienced supervisor.


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