Characteristics of a PT Limited Liability Company

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Characteristics of a PT Limited Liability Company

Characteristics of a PT Limited Liability Company

Answer :


The characteristics of a Limited Liability Company (PT):

  1. PT establishment has a goal to seek profit or profit oriented.
  2. Limited Liability Company has a function economy as well as commercial functions.
  3. Limited Liability Company capital comes from stocks and bonds.
  4. Limited Liability Companies do not obtain facilities from the state.
  5. The highest authority in a Limited Liability Company is determined at the General Meeting of Shareholders or can be shortened by the GMS.
  6. Shareholders have a responsibility to the company in the amount of the capital they have deposited.
  7. The profits obtained by the shareholders are in the form of dividends or profit sharing.
  8. The company is led by a director.

Detailed discussion of Limited Liability Companies

PT or Limited Liability Company is a business entity that conducts partnerships capital or shares with the ability to regulate shares, where the owners of capital are responsible according to the size of their shares.


Question Details

Grade 10

Maple: Economics

Chapter: Chapter 7 – The Concept of Business Entities in the Indonesian Economy


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