Rhythmic Gymnastics Also Called Gymnastics

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Rhythmic Gymnastics Also Called Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics Also Called Gymnastics

A rhythmic
B. aerobics
C. artistic
D. freshness


Answer :


The answer is A. Rhythmic

Detailed discussion of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is movement gymnastics accompanied by rhythm or music Rhythmic gymnastics prioritizes beautiful movements and in harmony with the rhythm. Rhythmic gymnastics accompaniment in the form of music such as piano, gamelan, angklung, wasps, whistles or simply with rhythmic scores. Musical accompaniment or songs in rhythmic gymnastics should be upbeat and cheerful

There are 2 types of rhythmic gymnastics:

  • Rhythmic gymnastics with tools
  • Rhythmic gymnastics without equipment

The tools commonly used in rhythmic gymnastics are hoops, doubles, balloons, flags, scarves, sticks and others. Rhythmic movements can be done by moving places (non-locomotor) or immovable places (locomotor). The basic motion in rhythmic gymnastics is motion: movement of the hands, feet, body or body.

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