Faith in the Apostle Has Meaning

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Faith in the Apostle Has Meaning

Faith in the Apostle Has Meaning 

a. Convinced that God really sent the Messenger

b. Denying the name of the Prophet and the unknown

c. Justify the unclear news from the Apostle

d. Practice all the Shari'a of the Apostles

e. Believe that not all Apostles are infallible

Answer :

​The understanding of faith in the apostle is shown by the choice of answers that is a. Convinced that God has sent a messenger. 

Detailed discussion of Faith in the Apostles

Faith in apostle is one of the five pillars of faith in Islam. Faith in the apostle in Islam means believing that the Prophet Muhammad SAW is the last messenger of Allah and conveying the revelations received from Allah to mankind. This also means believing that all the prophets accepted by other religions, such as Prophet Musa, Prophet Isa, and Prophet Abraham, were true messengers of Allah and preached the true teachings. Faith in the apostle is very important in Islam because the teachings received through revelation from Allah through the prophets are the basis of Islamic teachings.


Question Details

Class: XI

Subjects: Islamic Religion

Chapter: The Messengers are the Beloved of Allah SWT


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