Weather Observed in Daily Time Season Observed in Count

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Weather Observed in Daily Time Season Observed in Count

Weather Observed in Daily Time Season Observed in Count

Answer :


Weather can be observed in daily time using various tools like thermometer, anemometer, and hgometer. Seasons can be observed in terms of a calendar or by observing changes in temperature, rainfall, and other conditions associated with the seasons. However, keep in mind that the weather and seasons may vary in different regions and even within one region may vary from year to year.

Detailed discussion of Weather

Weather is the everyday state of the atmosphere, and for short periods of time, in hours, days to weeks. The weather, for example, is sunny, rainy, drizzly, or cloudy. It usually affects a narrow area, such as a city that can rain while a nearby city is sunny.

Seasons are divisions of time in a year marked by differences in weather patterns. Season lasted for several months. In Indonesia, there is a wet rainy season and a dry dry season, as well as the transition season which is a transition between the two where the weather is erratic.

Astronomical position is the position relative to the longitude and latitude on Earth. Indonesia has an astronomical position near the Equator (Equator) with a location between 6° North Latitude – 11° South Latitude. 95° East – 141° East.

The impact of this astronomical location is that Indonesia has a tropical climate, which is characterized by lots of sunshine, evaporation and warm temperatures throughout the year. As a result, there is no obvious change in seasons, namely cold winters or very high summer temperatures, such as countries far from the equator.


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