Where was the KMB event held?

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Where was the KMB event held?

Where was the KMB event held?

Answer :


 The location for the Round Table Conference (KMB) was in The Hague, Netherlands. The Round Table Conference was held on 23 August – 2 November 1949.

Let's discuss about the KMB Event

The Round Table Conference (KMB) is one of the diplomatic steps taken by the Indonesian people to achieve independence. The KMB was held on 23 August 1949 – 2 November 1949 which resulted in recognition sovereignty Indonesia over the entire territory of the former Dutch colony in the form of the federal state of the Republic of Indonesia (RIS).

Some of the outcomes of the Round Table Conference (KMB) are:  

  1. The Netherlands recognizes RIS as an independent and sovereign country.
  2. The issue of West Irian will be held in negotiations again within 1 year.
  3. The withdrawal of the Dutch royal troops and the disbandment of the KNIL.


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Class          :IX

Course         : Social science

Ba            : Chapter 4 – Indonesia after the Recognition of Sovereignty (1950-1966)


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