Qada and Qadar are also called

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Qada and Qadar are also called

Qada and Qadar are also called

Answer :


The term Qada and Qadar is DESTINY. Destiny This is a provision or provision that comes from Allah SWT where humans are required to believe in and accept all of these provisions, good or bad.

Detailed discussion of Qada and Qadar

Qada and Qadar are also called destiny. Scholars say that Qada and Qadar are actually the same, so they are considered synonymous. But for some other scholars, Qada and Qadar are indeed the destiny of Allah SWT, but there are fundamental differences between the two.

QADA is mentioned far earlier than QADAR because it has been a decree of Allah SWT since ancient times, era where there has not been any creation including humans. As for Qadar are all the provisions which are the embodiment of the destiny of Allah SWT which is running according to His will.


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Class : Middle School

Subject : Islamic Religious Education

Chapter: Faith in Qada & Qadar

Keywords: Destiny, Decree, Azali, Will


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