Write a Gorontalo Regional Song

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Write a Gorontalo Regional Song

Write a Gorontalo Regional Song

Answer :



Binde Biluhuta

Binde biluhuta

Ulau ulau loduwo

Wanu olamita

Ngoinda mopulito

Binde biluhuta

Malo sambe lolowo

Malita dadata

Orasawa tohuwoto

Monga binde binde biluhuta

Timi idu bele dila tamotolawa

Monga binde binde biluhuta

Timi idu bele dila ta motorolawa

Binde bilihuta

Diyaluo tou weo

Binde biluhuta

Bome to hulondalo

When going on vacation to a new area, of course we want to try the local specialties.

Well, the Gorontalo area is no exception, of course it has special food like other regions. One of them is binde biluhuta until finally this special food is made into a song.

Detailed discussion of the Gorontalo Song

As a province in Indonesia, Gorontalo has various types of regional songs which are known as typical songs from the region. Some examples of familiar Gorontalo folk songs include:

  • “Sambelado”
  • "sit down"
  • "vanished"
  • “Mama Yetty”
  • “sit down”

The songs can contain elements culture, the history and traditions of Gorontalo which are sung with a distinctive melody and in the regional language of Gorontalo. However, keep in mind that these are just a few examples of the many regional songs that may exist in Gorontalo.

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