The Mode Of The Data Is

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The Mode Of The Data Is

The Mode Of The Data Is

Answer :


The mode of the question above is 8, therefore the correct answer is B. The reason why the mode is 8 is because it is the value 8 that has the greatest frequency among the other values. Based on the table above, the frequency of the value 8 is 11.

Detailed discussion of Modus

What is meant by MODE is a data value that has the greatest or highest frequency. In language On the other hand, the mode is the value in a data set that occurs most frequently among other values.

From the above problem, without using the mode formula, we can conclude that the mode is 8 because the highest frequency is 11. As for the other values, namely 5 the frequency is only 2, the value 6 has a frequency of 0, the value 7 has a frequency of 3, the value 9 has a frequency of 5 while the value 10 frequency is only 4.

The data for the class 4 social studies test scores when written in series will be as follows:

55 777 99999 88888888888 10101010


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