Artificial feed is generally in the form of?

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Artificial feed is generally in the form of?

Question one: Artificial feed is generally shaped?

Fish feed consists of several type, one of which is often used by the community is homemade feed from self-processed ingredients and artificial feed from factories, artificial feed is generally in the form of pellets.

Discussion about artificial feed in the form of

Fish feed developed various types due to the human need to catch aquatic animals. The following types of fish feed: Feed

  • experience. This feed comes from nature, natural resources are taken directly for feed needs, one of which is natural feed for worms and seaweed.
  • Artificial feed. Human-made feed consists of various raw materials that are processed into feed.
  • Factory-made feed or pellets. The feed that comes from this factory has an expert formula to make quality and nutritional feed.


Detailed answer form artificial feed

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Chapter: Chapter 3 – Animal Network


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