Mention the steps in relay running

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Mention the steps in relay running

Mention the steps in relay running

Question : What are the steps in relay running?

The steps in performing relay running include;

The player is in a predetermined position
The first runner uses a crouched start to start a match where the player's hands must be behind the starting line and the stick must not touch the starting line.
Holding the stick is done from one end to the middle where the other end becomes the grip of the second player
When the signal ends, the first player runs to the second player to hand over the stick, and so on

Question Discussion

Relay running is one of the sports included in the running number in athletics. Staffed running itself is almost the same as running, but uses a stick that is 28-30cm long and weighs 50g.


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Class : 8

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Chapter :  3 – Games and Athletics

Keywords : Steps in doing running relay and run relay, relay running steps


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