Benefits of Presenting Lectures

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Benefits of Presenting Lectures

Benefits of Presenting Lectures

The following are the benefits of delivering a lecture:

1. Sharpen our speaking skills in public.
2. Sharpen our memory of a knowledge to be conveyed in front of many people.
3. Encouraging us to deepen a knowledge as a provision of lecture material.
4. Get good because we have transferred knowledge/ advice / instructions to others.
5. As a means of conveying entertainment on the sidelines of giving good advice.
6. Encourage us to act before giving advice as a form of personal responsibility.
7. Build recognition of our abilities in others.

Discussion: Benefits of Delivering Lectures

Lectures are pedagogues who are able to equate advice and instructions as long as there is an audience that is ready to listen. Then the lecture cannot be done at any time, there is no syaat, there is no special pulpit for the advertisement, the time is not limited and anyone can give a lecture. Usually divided into general lectures and special lectures based on the material and the audience. Lectures are kind of one-way wave. Talking about his iden- tity to other piyads and not being contacted at any time is not a response or response.

While the benefits of listening to lectures include:
1. Adding to our dijanani about a problem.
2. As a means of reminder for the kijama of praise.
3. Sharpening the concession us to assume the content of the lecture.

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