Explain the Definition of Humility

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Explain the Definition of Humility

Explain the Definition of Humility

Humility means the personal quality of being wise in a person, being able to put oneself in other people's shoes, feeling not smarter, kinder, more talented and not feeling superior, also being able to sincerely respect people. Humility is realizing your limitations, so that you are not arrogant or arrogant.

Complete Discussion of the Definition of Humility

Humility means a personal trait that is wise for someone, can position itself with other people, feels no smarter, better, more proficient, and does not feel higher or nobler, can also respect people sincerely.

Humility is a peaceful attitude that has extraordinary meaning. A humble person is able to admit all his shortcomings and admits that he needs someone to help him. Humility is one element of maturity.

An example of an attitude that draws humility

  • Dare to Admit Your Faults
  • respect each other's opinion
  • Say thank you sincerely


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