Examples of Short Fantasy Stories

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Examples of Short Fantasy Stories


Example of a short fantasy story

Fantasy stories are stories made by the author's imagination or fantasy that do not occur in the real world. In fantasy stories, there are elements of things that are impossible and impossible at all in the real world

Detailed discussion of fantasy stories

Example of a short fantasy story:

in winter, Dodo the bear came out of his house. he walked steadily. His intention was to find food, after days Dodo just stayed at home not wanting to work. along the way he whistled a little. His steps only stopped after coming near a large and fruitful apple tree. in a short time, he had picked the apple. the fruit was put in the sheath he was carrying. Yes…. the bear turned out to be very greedy. What is picked is not only ripe apples, they also pick the young ones. A tree whose fruit is very dense, now becomes without grain at all. The Dodo was also unable to enjoy the fruit when the cold season arrived.


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A. Orientation

Orientation is the beginning of a story which generally contains background socialization and characters

B. Complications

Complication is the beginning of a dilemma in the story until the problem culminates.


Resolution contains solving the problems in the story that the characters face.

D. Code

The coda is a message contained in the story.

Penggunaan language on cherryta fantasy

Using pronouns and people's names as a storytelling point of view.

•Using words that are closely related to the five senses to describe the setting.

Use of word choices related to meaning figurative and special meaning.

Using time sequence conjunctions.

•Usually use words or expressions of surprise to start a problem.

•Using direct dialogue or Kalimantan in the story.

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